35mm Slide Projectors, Programmers, Screens

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AMX MX20T Projector Slide Remote

MX Series remote control for slide projector. RF (radio frequency) wireless will work through most walls, projection booths etc.

AMX MX22AT Remote Control

AMX MX Series 35mm Carousel slide projector remote control.

AMX MX40T Slide Projector Remote

AMX MX Series remote control for slide projector. These RF (radio frequency) remotes will work through most walls, projection booths etc. The MX40 has a Focus Control.

AVL Data Booster Isolator

These units were used for Multi-Image slide presentations to buffer the Modulated Pulses being sent to the slide projector controllers. No other information is available regarding this unit. Made by Audio Visual Labs.

Crestron AXP-CCS Softwire Camera Center

Crestron PTZF dual joystick camera controller, uses a 4 pin mini XLR to connect to your system. This unit is in excellent cosmetic condition, UNTESTED by bts.

Crestron CNRFGWA RF receiver, less power supply.

RF receiver that allows Crestron 433MHz 1-way wireless touch panels and handheld remotes to communicate with a control system.
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Kodak AV35 IR Ektagraphic Remote Control

Kodak Ektagraphic InfraRed Remote Control. An excellent choice for line of site applications or where RF remotes would interfere with each other. Model AV35, Kodak CAT 109 8383.

Kodak EC-1 Remote Control

Kodak EC-1 Remote Control, Forward and Reverse functions. Used good condition.

Kodak EC-1 Remote Control (N.I.B.)

New In Box Kodak EC-1 Remote Control for slide projectors. Forward and Reverse functions.

Kodak EC-1 Remote Control, with Focus

Kodak EC-1 Remote Controls with Forward, Reverse and Focus Functions. Used, overall Fair to Good condition.

Kodak EC8 Remote Extension cord 25 ft

25ft Kodak EC remote extension cord for slide projector remotes. Can be used to extend any 5 pin cable for AVL, etc.
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Kodak Ektagraphic Film Strip Adaptor, NIB!

This is an adaptor that allows the projection of a strip of 35mm film using a standard Kodak Carousel Projector. Catalog # 109 4291.